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Rogues Contest during the FWA Conference

That’s right, as Dorian stated in her last post, Georgie Mae and I (or our alter-egos) will be at the 2013 Florida Writers Association Conference this weekend in Lake Mary, FL! Georgie Mae and I are Royal Palm Literary Awards finalists for a stage play that we co-authored, so we’re extremely excited about the prospect of winning. Regardless, we plan on having an incredible time this weekend. We can’t wait to reunite with Dorian and our other writer friends. And hopefully we’ll bump in to Marty during the weekend as well.

Dorian also mentioned a possible Rogues contest during the conference, so here it is:

Below is a photo of someone wearing a Yoda mask. During the conference, approach one of the Rogues and answer one of the following two questions: A) Who is modeling the Yoda mask? B) What is the plot significance of the Yoda mask in our group novel, The Method Writers?

Answer one of these two questions correctly and win a free autographed hardcover copy of the Rogues group novel, The Method Writers!!! Prizes are limited to the first three people who answer one of the two questions correctly, so don’t delay!


Who's behind the mask??

Who’s behind the mask??

Author David Haas: Creators, Neighbors, and Apartments

Last week at this time, The Rogues Gallery Writers were enjoying the Royal Palm Literary Awards banquet at the 2011 Florida Writers Conference in Lake Mary, Florida. Several of the Rogues’ works were finalists and up for awards. My creator, author Jeff Swesky, won 2nd place in the unpublished short story category for his satirical suburban nightmare, The American ScreamScream shows the stressful life of husband and father Jerry Lamb, and how the mounting pressures of job, home, and society can squeeze a person until they either snap or fight back. Jerry does a little of each.

Jeff primarily likes to write dark and disturbing literary fiction, so I’m not sure if him being acknowledged for one of his short stories is a good or bad thing for me. I’m confident that he’ll write my story well in The Method Writers, but will it be a happy or sad ending for me? Dark and disturbing…..I’m suddenly not liking my odds!

I’m glad that Jeff had asked me to watch his place and dog for him while he was away at the conference. It gave me a chance to get away from my own apartment and into a new environment. It was an opportunity for me to escape the on-going soap opera between my neighbors, my crush, Maria, and her idiotic meatheaded boyfriend, Franco, and all of their yelling and fighting, moaning and boning. Jeff’s place is much more peaceful–no threats echoing through his apartment or headboards smacking against his dining room wall. Being away from Maria and Franco’s B.S. allowed me to get back and focus on my true passion: writing. And more specifically, writing my next Kenny Black novel, Fade to Black. I have a feeling that if I can stay focused and into the groove again, I’ll end up with a terrific novel. Maybe one that will win me a Royal Palm Literary Award one of these days.

But Jeff has long since returned from the conference, and I’ve been back at my shitty apartment in Daytona, once again listening to all the fighting and boning from Maria and Franco. She deserves so much better. If only something were to happen to this Franco jerk, life would be so much better. And hell, maybe I’ll even have a shot at this Maria chick. Hmmm, gives me a good idea….

And speaking of good ideas, check out The Method Writers’ Kickstarter page and consider making a pledge! You won’t be sorry, plus you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your donation.

~David Haas

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