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Pumpkins, Witches and Ghosts

Writing is often something that a writer cannot refrain from doing. Be they journalist, poet, instructor or fiction writer, the words they produce change their world.

Yesterday, after attending an Florida Writers meeting in St. Augustine, I stopped into a local art gallery named Simple Gestures. There it seemed, were a gazillion children and adults alike, making scarecrows. These artful pieces featured pumpkins with various expressions, witches in festive colors and even a few requisite ghosts, most resembling Casper-of-the-friendly smile.

I thought of my friend Jack, an old-time journalist, and thought of what his British wit would do with the gathering, then shook my head. Best not to go there.

But what would THIS journalist do with such a magical gathering? In my heart I captured the gleeful laughter of children of all ages as their scarecrows were applauded. I watched as pumpkins were decorated by young and old and carried to local homes and vehicles by urchins barely able to manage their large orange prizes.

I think this month of October marks the beginning of the most powerful season of the year, at least in the USA. Our imaginations are set free with stories and tales of the supernatural beings of Halloween; to be followed with tales of family stories told around the Thanksgiving table in November; to culminate finally in the story of a son, born to a woman forced to deliver him in a stable, sent to save the world.

This sharing and imagining and encouraging makes my heart feel good. My writing will be more empathetic and passionate, I’ll bet. And I wish thatvitality for you too. Enjoy the stories you hear and the ones you create while you enjoy the next few months of magic. And don’t forget to record them somehow!

See you next week – oh, and don’t forget to visit Kickstarter and donate some money to THE METHOD WRITERS project!

Be safe out there.



Wow, we’ve had a very newsworthy week!! We did indeed, click-as-one on Thursday night and launch our baby on http://www.kickstarter.com. The Method Writers novel is only weeks from being a wonderful reality after months of work and planning. We love it! And we know you will too, so be sure to get on board RIGHT NOW and become a supporter – and get a great reward as well as great book! We only have a few weeks to make our goal, so get your pledge in today at kickstarter.com! And then come brag to the Rogues!!

Also, our multi-talented Rogue,Bridget Callahan, had an impressive art debut on Friday, Oct 7 at Simple Gestures in St. Augustine, Florida. Her fabric art is unique and emotional and I have no doubt will be worth a great deal more in the future. I was totally and completely blown away by the power her art conveyed. Way to go, Ms. B!

So, hope you had a great week too and if you’d like to tell us about it, just drop us a comment! We’d love to hear from you. Be well.


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