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While David is spurred on by his alter ego Kenny Black, Marty is writing as an outlet for his creativity, and Georgie Mae writes because she must, my motivation is something of  a hybrid – I must explore the reasons behind events or actions and then write them  so others can understand.

Like Georgie Mae, since I can remember, I’ve loved to read and write. And, a passion for finding out the answers to my questions, especially those no one else wanted to answer, always drove me to do my own research and make inquiries that would satisfy that burning need to know.

I consider journalism and writing a privilege. I’m able to do something that I love to do, learn about things that I feel are important to us all, and in my spare time, write stories that I sure hope will be entertaining to the readers.

Like Kenny Black and Georgie Mae, I’m sort of out for justice too; like Marty, I’m looking to understand that which I don’t understand now.

And so, being a Rogue is a wonderful thing. I make things up or tell the truth – hard to tell the difference some days. Maybe that’s what the magic of writing’s all about.

What do YOU think?

Dorian Nettles

Sex – How Much is Too Much?

   Yeah, that’s me sitting behind the babe. I’m a writer and my name is Marty. I know most guys think where I’m sitting is the best of all possible worlds. Most guys don’t necessarily get stupid like I did.

I’m married. On one hand, my marriage is not the problem. On the other, my marriage is nothing but one massive, sex-laden nightmare. My wife wants me in that chair. Seriously! I’m not joking. She’s the one who pushed me to get out and have some fun.

Here we go. Come on guys, sex is not everything! To my wife, however, sex appears to be the only thing. Yeah, Jessica’s a bit of a nymphomaniac. At this point, other guys immediately want to know where in the world I’m finding a problem. They also begin suggesting therapists for my obvious mental or emotional issues.

Jessica and I have a daughter, Annabelle, who is one of the sweetest five-year-olds you would ever want to meet. Anna pays the price for Jessica’s less than demure ways, even more so now that I am being pushed into the vibrant, wanton world of sex. The more I travel this path, the less I like what is happening to our family.

A few years ago I would never even whisper, much less think, that a person can get too much sex. Now, I have to come to grips with what is important in my life. Do I commit to satisfying my wife? Will the repercussions of living that lifestyle be too destructive to our daughter? Am I being stupid by questioning whether I should be so involved in the sex scene?

I also need to research the sex scene so I can write my new erotic thriller from a knowledgeable standpoint. Nothing like first-hand research to show you what you need to know when you’re writing on a specific topic. Career. Marriage. Family. Personal sex drive. I’m being pulled so many directions I don’t know where to turn. If it weren’t for my writing buddies, the Rogues Gallery Writers is what we call ourselves, I know I would be a total loss. I’m finding out they are all in their own personal dilemmas as well. Misery does appear to love company.

Tell you what. If you would like to check out what I’m doing and the decisions I’m having to make, pick up a copy of The Method Writers. It’ll all be there in all its sordid glory. For that matter, you’ll be able to find out what’s going on with the other Rogues (Dorian, Georgie Mae and David), as well.  The book should be available for sale October 2011.

Dream a Little Dream of Success!

The Method Writers project stands as more than just another novel. The Rogues Gallery Writers have committed and continue to commit, significant creativity, time, and effort into this book. As a writer, there are times when you know you’re onto something – something of value. Stepping into the creative flow of a novel and making it work has to be one of the coolest aspects writing has to offer. To do this in concert with three other writers begs the word incredible.

We’ve made some short films together. We’ve written the book. We’re now editing and rewriting the weak spots, polishing the manuscript for its launch. We’ve ‘cartoonized’ ourselves. We’re looking for big-time financial backing through http://www.kickstarter.com (more on that soon…).

My main objective here is to tell the world (or as much of the world as passes by this blog…) not to hang on to their dreams, but to pursue them. The idea for this novel was born in a writer’s mind, communicated over a few beers to the Rogues, and implemented over eight months of writing and meetings each week. You have a dream. You know you do. Give your dream a voice. Breath life into your dream through action. Enlist the help of all those who would support you. Reach out to the stranger who will find your efforts rewarding.

We (the Rogues) tell everyone that somewhere in the creative process of writing this book, we took on the persona’s of our characters. Not like a schizophrenic person per se,  but in little snippets of life. For instance, we would attempt to send emails to our characters rather than our real names, and wonder (for a moment) why the emails would come back undeliverable. Too much fun! We still have a long way to go. Our desire is that you will jump on board and help us in our quest to launch The Method Writers to the world. This is one of our dreams.

Dreams live while we live. Each and every one of us carries our own set of passions and desires. We take them to the grave either realized or not. Why not dare to put more into this world than the closed and private dreams you hold between your ears and in your heart. Sure, stepping out and chasing down your dream can feel like a risk. But step back and look at what you truly risk. You risk not taking your dream to the grave, but instead, sharing it with others.

When you take the time to mull that over with all its implications, isn’t it far worse to grip inaction as safe? Take a few steps toward fulfilling your innermost passion. Give it a whirl. You may find yourself in some wonderfully different situations and mind sets. Nothing less than your effort will bring the trek to your dreams into reality. Whether they pan out as you envisioned is not the point. The point becomes the fact that you took your passion, put thought and work toward creating it, and that alone is enough to give your life and soul a boost.

If you need someone to help you forward, ask. If you wish to follow our caravan to our dream to see how we do it, by all means, join in! Don’t put it off. Don’t get caught up in ‘some day’ thinking. Now is your moment. Now is the time. Every moment from the one in which you read this sentence is another moment for you to pursue your dreams. Revel in that knowledge. Delight that you still possess life. Your dreams for the duration of your life stand no further from you than this moment – now.

Dare to dream that little dream of success – and get to work crafting it for the world!

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