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Project Launch! Watch Our Smoke!

  The day has arrived – October 5, 2011. The Rogues Gallery Writers will sit down at 7:00pm, eat some    Chinese, discuss final tweaks to the plan, then gather around the mouse. Yes, the wireless mouse of a laptop. The four of us will place our forefingers on the left-click button and press as one.

The occasion happens to be the launch of our Kickstarter.com project. This project is the culmination of months of work and preparation. We’ve written a novel, blogged loads of blogs, Facebooked as many posts as is respectable, and we’ve made short films. Videos of silliness and seriousness about our baby, our novel – The Method Writers.

The Rogues recently gathered at the Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Florida. We had a great time, sold a few books, and generally got our name out to John Q. Public a bit more. This notoriety we’re building is not by accident.

What we need most at the moment is precisely that – a moment of your time. Drawing attention to your book project these days is a labor, albeit one of love. Kickstarter.com is a place where benevolent people go and pledge monetary support to creative projects. We own one such project – The Method Writers.

We are looking for funding to produce a 5000 print run of the book as well as funds to cover the editing and some marketing of the book. Acquiring the assistance of anyone and everyone we know as well as those they know as well as people THEY know is critical to getting funding of this nature. Please take a moment to click on the above links to our project, or heck, use this one (www.kickstarter.com), and watch our video, read over our project and pledge some money to help us launch this book properly.

With all the books being published these days, the ones that make enough noise get noticed. We cannot make noise without your help. Each individual person who pledges funds to our project, lifts us up. One of the great aspects of Kickstarter.com is the fact that you, the Pledge, receive something in return. You receive a piece of the project in the form of Rewards. We have set up 23 Rewards for our Pledges based on their level of giving. We believe there is a satisfactory Reward for each level of pledge.

Yes, you get a piece of the project as well as the pleasure of contributing to the launch of an ambitious new novel. We believe what we created in The Method Writers is viable, entertaining and well-worth launching into the world. Won’t you please click on over to Kickstarter.com now and pledge to the project right now? If we do not reach our target money in 45 days, we will get nothing and no pledges will be collected. That would be a travesty.

We look forward to thanking each and every one of our Pledges once we hit our target! The Rogues Gallery Writers ask also that you contact everyone you know and send them to our project at Kickstarter.com. We obviously require the help of many. We humbly thank you for your participation in our project and we sincerely hope you will be rewarded by your assistance!

The Rogues Gallery Writers Invade the Florida Heritage Book Festival!

If you’re located in the Northeast part of Florida, please come visit The Rogues Gallery Writers at the 2011 Florida Heritage Book Festival in downtown St. Augustine this coming Saturday (September 24th) from 9:30-5:00. We’ll  be located in the exhibitor’s “Marketplace” (Flagler College’s Ringhaver Student Center Building) to promote our soon to be released group novel, The Method Writers. More information about the exhibitor’s marketplace can be found at: Exhibitors Info.

We’ll be collecting business cards and once every hour (between 11:00 and 3:00) we’ll be drawing one card, and the winner will receive a free authographed copy of The Method Writers when it’s released in November 2011. We’ll also be finally premiering our much talked about Rogues’ mockumentary, Behind the Prose. A couple teasers from “Prose” can be viewed on our YouTube channel: RoguesGalleryWriters

Also on Saturday, we’ll have The Method Writers available for preorder, including free shipping and a free Method Writers‘ bookmark. We’ll also be handing out cards (containing QR codes for those into the technology) that will provide a link to obtain a free PDF ebook copy of More Writing is Easy!! You’ll also receive a 20% discount on a copy of Writing is Easy.

And that’s not all, the Rogues will also have some of their individual books for sale! Plus there’s sure to be other surprises as the day progresses. So come on out and join in on the fun and excitement!!

We hope to see you there!!

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