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*** NEW BOOK! ***

Hey! Did you know The Method Writers is now available on Kindle? Sure nuff! Travel your mouse on to The Method Writers and grab your copy today! Also, the hardcover print edition will be released around July 4th!

Also available is the book Fictitious Fiction. This collection of short stories was actually written by the characters from the book The Method Writers. Yes, Georgie Mae, Marty, Dorian, and David (the OTHER Rogues Gallery Writers)  each wrote two stories for the book. No, Kenny Black did not write anything, but Kenny only writes in blood anyway, right?

Actually, if you want more Kenny Black, you’ll find him in Fictitious Fiction. Hey, the price is right folks. I mean, 99 cents? Let’s be real. you won’t see writing this good for that price most anywhere else! So go ahead, step up to the queue and order both books today. You won’t be disappointed!

Both books available on Kindle. Remember, you can download a free Kindle App for your iPhone, iPad, and computer!

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