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Rogues Contest during the FWA Conference

That’s right, as Dorian stated in her last post, Georgie Mae and I (or our alter-egos) will be at the 2013 Florida Writers Association Conference this weekend in Lake Mary, FL! Georgie Mae and I are Royal Palm Literary Awards finalists for a stage play that we co-authored, so we’re extremely excited about the prospect of winning. Regardless, we plan on having an incredible time this weekend. We can’t wait to reunite with Dorian and our other writer friends. And hopefully we’ll bump in to Marty during the weekend as well.

Dorian also mentioned a possible Rogues contest during the conference, so here it is:

Below is a photo of someone wearing a Yoda mask. During the conference, approach one of the Rogues and answer one of the following two questions: A) Who is modeling the Yoda mask? B) What is the plot significance of the Yoda mask in our group novel, The Method Writers?

Answer one of these two questions correctly and win a free autographed hardcover copy of the Rogues group novel, The Method Writers!!! Prizes are limited to the first three people who answer one of the two questions correctly, so don’t delay!


Who's behind the mask??

Who’s behind the mask??

Another Saturday Night…

Well, not just any Saturday night. THIS Saturday night was the time change and we gained an hour of sleep. That’s only newsworthy, because I just realized that I was excited about getting another hour of sleep. How lame is that?

I need to get a life. Sure, I’ve got my writing career, my wonderful writing friends, great parents and my favorite holidays are coming along, but at the age of 29, I’m excited about the time change. Jeesh.

I’d share these thoughts with my buddy Joe, or my dear friend Georgie Mae, but Joe is WITH Georgie Mae in Michigan or someplace cold like that and they don’t need me disturbing them with this revelation. Unlike me, they are probably blissfully unaware of the time. And even less aware that it has changed.

Maybe I need to figure out how to meet someone nice and explore a romantic relationship. One that will last like my parent’s marriage has. Or maybe I should get a cat. I could visit that shelter that Georgie’s adoped and look for a furry companion, I suppose.

She would enjoy the extra hour of sleep, too. And when I’m writing, she’d curl up in my lap and be content for the occassional pat on her head.

Now that I think about this a bit more, a cat is a better idea than a romantic relationship. At least for now. There’s a ton of work to do to get THE METHOD WRITERS launched, so I won’t have time for a new relationship anyway.

Well, enjoy your extra hour of sleep and I’ll see you next week. Might even have a picture of a new companion by then. And in case you want to get a piece of THE METHOD WRITERS action, drop in and pledge a few dollars. The rewards are quality and our gratitude is forever.

Be safe,

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