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Rogues Contest during the FWA Conference

That’s right, as Dorian stated in her last post, Georgie Mae and I (or our alter-egos) will be at the 2013 Florida Writers Association Conference this weekend in Lake Mary, FL! Georgie Mae and I are Royal Palm Literary Awards finalists for a stage play that we co-authored, so we’re extremely excited about the prospect of winning. Regardless, we plan on having an incredible time this weekend. We can’t wait to reunite with Dorian and our other writer friends. And hopefully we’ll bump in to Marty during the weekend as well.

Dorian also mentioned a possible Rogues contest during the conference, so here it is:

Below is a photo of someone wearing a Yoda mask. During the conference, approach one of the Rogues and answer one of the following two questions: A) Who is modeling the Yoda mask? B) What is the plot significance of the Yoda mask in our group novel, The Method Writers?

Answer one of these two questions correctly and win a free autographed hardcover copy of the Rogues group novel, The Method Writers!!! Prizes are limited to the first three people who answer one of the two questions correctly, so don’t delay!


Who's behind the mask??

Who’s behind the mask??

Guess Who’s Coming to Town?

MW Cover - latest 72

No, it is NOT Santa Claus. Well, at least not yet. But it’s almost as good!

With the annual Florida Writers Association conference in Lake Mary coming up, I heard that my good buddies Georgie Mae and David Haas are going to be up for an award!!! So, you’d better believe I’m going to be there come Saturday!

Marty’s not going to be able to join us – he’s off being a terrific dad, but we know he’ll be there in spirit … and I even heard that Georgie Mae has been out looking for a Halloween Costume that will knock your socks off. We might get a picture here later this week.

And we’ve even discussed maybe a little contest for our followers! ┬áTrack us down! Hope to see you there!!!



The Post Conference Blues

Okay, okay, so I’m a day late (and much more than a dollar short) on my blog post. I should’ve known going into the 3-day Florida Writers Association Conference that I wouldn’t have the energy to turn on my laptop, let alone the urge or desire to blog Sunday afternoon. Especially not with a comfy bed in sight and football on TV. But I had too much to prepare leading into the conference to write the post and schedule it beforehand, so here’s your Monday morning dose of Method madness.

Now faced with the dreaded work week (back to life, back to reality,) I’m already missing the excitement and creative energy that surrounded me during the FWA conference. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s the annual writing conference for the Florida Writers Association where hundreds of FL scribblers get together to geek out, share their ideas and projects, gush about their dreams and passions, network with others in the industry, learn about craft/publishing/marketing, eat loads of food, pitch projects to agents and publishers, win awards and door prizes, and eat some more. The best way for me to pay homage to the experience is to take all that positive energy and redirect it into my writing projects. And that’s what I intend to do. The Rogues are all busy with various personal and collaborative writing efforts, so stay tuned, because you’ll continue to hear exciting news from us.

We now have a new way you can follow (literally) along and stay informed on Rogue news. We have a Twitter account under the username of “MethodWriters”:


So please check us out, Follow us and we’ll Follow you back. And don’t be afraid to “@ Connect” us or send us a direct message–we’d love to hear from you.

Have a great week and go out and get your Method on!!

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