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Struggling author David Haas is haunted by his former life as a big-time New York magazine editor and fiancé to a gorgeous runway model. Now in his early thirties, David, with no job, no fiancée, and very little means, is living in Florida to help care of his ailing mother. He has fallen in love with his sexy neighbor, Maria, loathes her abusive boyfriend, Franco, and depends on his ambitious writers group, The Rogues Gallery Writers, to keep him from losing his mind.

Needing inspiration for the vigilante Kenny Black, the lead character of his stalled novel Fade to Black, David devises a plan that is either a spark of genius….or sheer insanity.


Dorian Nettles is a 29 year-old freelance journalist. Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, her passion for making a difference in a rather indifferent world gives her writing a passion and flair that keeps her articles and exposes in high demand by newspapers, press affiliates and magazines alike. She’s a graduate of Tulane University.

According to Dorian’s adopted mother, Nadine, Dorian always showed an almost insatiable curiosity about everything. Nadine and her husband George always encouraged their daughter’s investigative nature, often with fingers crossed and prayers to the angels for her protection.

The fact of Dorian’s adoption has never been a secret; the whole story behind her adoption has been. That evasion from her parents coupled with her inherent need to know all is the motivation behind Dorian’s excursion into the world of “method writing” aka undercover investigation.

She is passionate about her relationships with parents and friends and almost obsessive in her desire to protect them. That near obsession is what keeps her just enough off-balance to keep up with the rest of her writing group, The Rogues Gallery Writers.


Georgie Mae Perez is a twenty-something whose outlook on life is both fearless and foolish. Her lack of social skills and inability to consider norms makes her a target for ridicule. Her only company, outside of the Rogues Gallery Writers, is the elderly couple whom she rents a room from and her dog, Boo Radley.

Her job at the dog track puts her in the path of juveniles, the raunchy and wealthy. In order to make her writing come alive, Georgie Mae knows she has to do something daring and brave. What she doesn’t know: even the most calculated plan can have unexpected consequences.


Success in Corporate America comes as second nature to Marty Pitchford. He rises quickly through the rank and file, earns good money and even marries a beautiful woman. In many eyes, he epitomizes the dream-come-true corporate executive. Marty’s reality consists of a struggling writing career, an unfaithful, promiscuous wife, and a lovely five-year-old daughter who needs her father to protect her.

In the serial fiction, A New Life, Marty reinvents himself in a romantic sci-fi thriller. He uses his own persona for the main character and builds the story around himself and Marci Rader, his millionairess boss. Check out the Category “A New Life” in the right column of this blog for all the serial episodes.

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