About The Method Writers

The Method Writers is a novel about four writers who decide to us the ‘method acting’ technique so they may connect more intensely with the characters they write. The tangled messes in which these writers find themselves becomes a dark, humorous maze of folly and fear, sadness and elation, weakness and perseverance.

The Method Writers grew from a suggestion by Michael Ray King, founder of the writing group the Rogues Gallery Writers. At a Rogues meeting, Michael bounced the idea off his fellow writers and all four jumped in and began the process of writing a joint novel. This original meeting happened in November 2010. The first draft of The Method Writers found completion mid-August of 2011. The book is projected for publication October 2011.

The Method Writers is actually the third published by the Rogues Gallery Writers. Writing is Easy, a collection of short stories by the Rogues, officially published October 2, 2010. More Writing is Easy came out on Kindle a few months later. More Writing is Easy came about because a number of excellent stories did not make the cut in the larger Writing is Easy book. One story, Why Me?, took first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards 2010 in the “Unpublished Short Fiction” category. Another story in More Writing is Easy – Beware of Rip Tides – is a finalist in the “Published Short Fiction” category in the Royal Palm Literary Awards 2011.

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