A New Life (Detour!)

Typically this is my day to post my serial fiction story. Like my partner in writing Jeff, I want to take this time to encourage everyone to attend our book launch parties, not this weekend, but next. We are planning to make this a fun, enjoyable event in nice friendly settings.

One of the questions we get asked quite a bit is how do four writers write one novel – and how do we still find the ability to speak to one another? The Rogues Gallery Writers is a special writers group. We will answer these and any other questions folk may have in addition to having some giveaways, contests, and whatever other fun we can come up with.

Please RSVP to me at mrking@clearviewpressinc.com if you plan to make it to any of our events. This will help us plan on how many people will be there as well as plan out any food or drink items we may need. We look forward to meeting and speaking with as many readers out there as possible!

We do plan on making this loads of fun. So come on out and check out The Method Writers! Here’s a link to our event calendar: Upcoming Events!

About Michael Ray King

A five-time Royal Palm Literary Award-winning author of nine books, I also am a contributing author to four Rogues Gallery Writers books including - "Writing is Easy, More Writing is Easy, Fictitious Fiction," and the recently released, "The Method Writers." I'm the owner of MRK Publishing, a small press book publisher. I also teach seminars and webinars on how to write books and how to blog as well as consulting one-on-one with aspiring writers. View all posts by Michael Ray King

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