Finding The Right Word

The English language is frustrating. For example, when I took anatomy and physiology in college there was a word (or more) to describe every fissure, nodule and curve of the human body. I had stacks of flash cards on my kitchen table to help me memorize all umpteen-thousand words. That was for the parts of the body that were visible or could be identified with a push pin. Physiology….forget it. For some reason we have all these words to describe a medical process or a pathology. We have all the words to describe our physical surroundings in great detail.

However, the English language falls short when it comes to feelings. Of course, there are “emotional” words. For example: joy, longing, agony, desperation and…love. The emotional lexicon is so short and finite; it’s amazing that more attention has not been spent on developing words to better describe our human condition.  I’ve created some words to add to the emotional vocabulary. They are as follows:

Brottle: The mysterious emotional hole in one’s chest when missing a loved one.

Sentence: I have a brottle the size of Jupiter when I think of her.


Urnum: An emotional capitulation.

Sentence: I can’t do this anymore, I’m urnum!


Vess: Anger that which is motivating.

Sentence: Vess helped me lose weight.


What do you think Merriam-Webster?  Next time the words will be a little more hopeful.


–        Bridget

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