Reader, Writer, Orator

Ever notice how themes pop up in your life? I do, and this week it has to do with writing.

I’ve been given the opportunity to watch my niece and nephew for ten days while their mother and father sail the British Virgin Islands. During the first night of homework my nephew asked me to read his writing assignment (loved writing assignments in school). This particular assignment was asking the student to give pros and cons regarding energy drinks. I read the first line and stopped. Before I pointed out my nephew’s mistake, I asked him to read out loud what he had written. His mouth got half way through the first sentence and he realized his mistake. Oh joy!

This past week I had the opportunity to listen to an extraordinary writer read his work at Interlochen Arts Academy. Jack Driscoll, recipient of the Pushcart Press Editor’s Book award, read one of his short stories titled, That Story. His writing and character development is masterful. What’s just as amazing is his ability to read his work. He turns his words into melodic pros, leaving his audience spellbound. And I, I was stunned. This is a talent I have yet to hone.

Encourage yourself to read out loud. Have your kids read out loud. Read to your lover in bed and when given the chance, listen to a writer read their work.


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