Rainy Days and Thursdays…

Isn’t this supposed to be what love is all about? Don’t we marry with the hope and intention of barefoot walks in the rain, sweet, soft-lip kisses, and togetherness on a scale otherwise unattained?

Marty Pitchford here again, one of the characters from the book The Method Writers. My writer, the one who created me, took off again like a fighter jet off an aircraft carrier. Does he not enjoy blogging on Thursdays or does he recognize I’m the better writer? Either way, you’re stuck with me.

Ok, so I’m a dreamer. I believe life should cradle a passel of passions, one of which would involve the passion between husband and wife. I grant you that like this photo, the clarity of reality is not quite so defining as the somewhat opaque reflection of desire. But desire should fuel us to embody in reality what our desires view within the contours of our hearts and souls.

I know, I know. I’m all abstract here. Must be the poet in me. I just want this picture blowing through my life like a warm spring breeze or a snuggling autumn wind. Unfortunately, my creating writer decided I would marry a cold, over-sexed woman whose only focus in life is her own self-gratification.

Isn’t that a crass way to treat a character? My wife, Jessica, stuns you with her high-octane sexuality and heart-crippling good looks. I still cannot figure which of the two hit a man (or even woman in her case these days) first. You cannot help but acknowledge her eye-stealing figure nor the challenge in her eyes.

Yep, that’s her. See what I mean? I suppose I should have looked deeper into her personality when we met. I once wrote a poem about a cold-hearted woman with the line, “Temperature is so hard to see.” Particularly true of Jessica, the heat from her passions blinded me from the truth of her heart. Her life does not truck fuel from her heart. Her fuel’s source most definitely arrives from more nefarious regions.

So the contrast between who I married and who I wanted to marry remains stark and harsh. There could not be more polar opposites than these two people. I wonder how many couples get caught in this blunder of epic proportions. Must be quite a few given the divorce rate out there.

Alas, we characters get stuck with our mates much like you people in ‘reality’. But what is reality anyway? I am married to this foxy vixen and miserable in my book life. How many of you out there are trapped in a relationship? To complicate matters (yeah, my writer really wanted to stick it to me), Jessica and I have a lovely daughter. Come check us out in our story.

In fact, you might say our lives are an open book. (Hey, I know a good pun when I see one!). Also, please consider pledging some bucks to launching our book on Kickstarter.com. Kickstarter is backed by Amazon. In fact, Amazon is a key player in tracking all the pledges, so you may pledge with confidence. Check out the video and then read about our project. We sure would like to have our story out there for the world to see!

Until next Thursday, I am Marty Pitchford filling in for the mysteriously missing Michael Ray King.

About Michael Ray King

A five-time Royal Palm Literary Award-winning author of nine books, I also am a contributing author to four Rogues Gallery Writers books including - "Writing is Easy, More Writing is Easy, Fictitious Fiction," and the recently released, "The Method Writers." I'm the owner of MRK Publishing, a small press book publisher. I also teach seminars and webinars on how to write books and how to blog as well as consulting one-on-one with aspiring writers. View all posts by Michael Ray King

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