Tis’ the Season to be…..Sneezing!

Yes, that’s right….it’s that time of the year, at least in Daytona Beach, where the weather is jumping all over the place and people are getting sick. I can be in the 30’s in the early morning and reach 80 by noon. The next day it could be warmer at night, yet only reach a high of 60 by day! The weather forecasts never seem to be correct, and you usually find that you’re either overdressed or underdressed, without luck of ever finding that happy medium.

Whether it was the weather or not, I found myself fighting off a cold this past Veteran’s Day weekend. Even Kaybee seemed out of sorts. At my best, all I could day was lay around on the couch and watch old movies or curl up with a book and see how may pages I could get through before dozing off. Even though the weather was comfortable out, I had to bundle up just to walk Kaybee, since I had quite the case of the chills.

I hate being sick. Absolutely hate it. Except for that rare euphoric moment–you know the one I mean. When so you’re well medicated and super comfy-cozy that you begin to buzz. Your body feels detached or weightless, and it almost seems like you begin to float. Levitate. An out-of-body experience, of sorts. Of course, you don’t need to get sick to have such an experience. I’m sure there are plenty good recreational drugs that can help a person achieve such a feeling, and then some.

Aside from feeling like hell, the other reason I hate being sick is that I can’t write for shit! I can’t seem to formulate a creative thought. Everything bounces in my brain like one of those money booths that blows cash around. Yes, it’s all right there, right in front of my face, but every time I try to grab onto a thought, it gets sucked away.

So, I had a long, miserable weekend that didn’t produce a single line of prose. But I’m beginning to feel better, and plan to attack the keyboard like pack of tweens on Justin Bieber.

~David Haas


About Jeff Swesky

Author Jeff Swesky primarily writes literary fiction where the characters balance a razor sharp line between redemption and destruction. Jeff is a member of the Rogues Gallery Writers, who published a short story collaboration, "Writing Is Easy," and a group novel, "The Method Writers." He also ghostwrote the Holocaust memoir of Rabbi Samuel Cywiak titled, "Flight From Fear," and released a collection of his short stories titled, "Fell on Black Days." He's currently working on several projects, including his literary, coming-of-age novel, "Such a Dreamer," and the crime noir serial, "The Awakening of Kenny Black." View all posts by Jeff Swesky

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