The Creative Process

In grade school I met someone who changed my life forever. Even at the young age of eight, I was very aware of how my behavior changed around her. When she was around I became more daring, more flamboyant, less fearful and creative. Maybe my desires of wanting to fit in played a factor. Come to think of it, I could have impressed others who had more perceived “clout” or influence to affect my status. I didn’t change around them, only her.

When meeting the Rogues for the first time, to say I was nervous doesn’t describe it. The day we were to meet as a group, a Rogue member offered me a ride to the agreed upon location in St. Augustine. A carpool so-to-say. I refused. I refused because nerves got the best of me and if these people didn’t like me then driving myself back home was the easiest way out.

Once the meeting was underway we all sat in a booth and ordered food and drinks and the other Rogues spoke of people and meetings that I had never heard of. For the first half hour I was feeling a little left out, but intrigued because…..come on, who else gets excited about writing and story ideas? My kind of people, that’s who.

After an hour of discussing who we like to read and what we like to write about, I found myself with those same feelings as a child: daring, creative. Our conversations were building off each other, one idea after another. What was the group project going to be? What could everyone agree upon? Who ordered another round? What about this idea and that idea? That first meeting, the first time we met as a group we came up with the idea of The Method Writers; a project we would be dedicating an entire year (and counting) to. Every meeting since has produced some incredible ideas and events.

How can we account for this? The influx of creativity and drive that has sustained our meetings and minds? Some may say we, the Rogues, all share a common goal. I don’t believe this is the reason because everyone I work with has a common goal and believe me, some don’t inspire but curtail any creativity. This is the answer: We take each other for who and what we are. When someone is themselves, the true self, creativity abounds. I hope everyone reading this finds those people who laugh at your sense of humor, revel in your uniqueness and you are able to find that in those around you.

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