A Perfect, Albeit Early, Saturday

We, the Rogues, stood outside our office at 6:30am last Saturday. The sky was just turning from black to dark blue as we rubbed our eyes free from any remaining sleep. The back of the car was full of various paraphernalia: easel, bowl, extra large martini glass, candy, cards and so on. After a swig of coffee and one last stretch, we piled in the car and made our way down the highway.

Various statements were made such as, “Who gets up this early?” and “I’m not awake yet.” Who does get up that early and if they are up, why? We have an answer. Crazed writers and readers get up that early….and we’re no exception. Last Friday and Saturday was The Heritage Book Festival held in St. Augustine, FL.  The festival hosted workshops, guest writers and speakers and a literary legends banquet among other events. And on Saturday, vendors who got up early enough (and registered to participate), set up their wares for the patrons to see.

After we set up our table and secured the posters and turned on the laptops to run our promotional videos, we did what any writing group does. We looked for pancakes and coffee. Georgie’s diner was agreed on and we set off down the sidewalk, walking two by two. The four of us donned the same black Rogues Gallery Writers shirts, a unified front to the world. It struck me then, and not before during our weekly meetings or our famed field trip to the dog track that we are a team. A team of athletes just about to take the field or a group of medical professionals on their way to the operating room to perform surgery. We are a team of writers. It was only 7:30 in the morning and we’re talking about writing, death and what the day will hold. A perfect, albeit early, Saturday.

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