Drugs, Family Members and the Creation of Georgie Mae


How did I come up with Georgie Mae’s character?

 I’ve been asked that more than once and I’d like to share the creative process on how she came to be. It is my own personal belief that a writer can develop a character in two ways. The first way, flat out stealing or recreate an entire person from their real life. In a sense, the writer attempts to put flesh and blood onto paper (or keyboard and computer for that matter). The second way is to create a character using several people from past to present. The character can become an amalgamation of say, your kindergarten teacher, the cop that gave you a ticket in 2001 and a favorite professor from college. Well, Georgie Mae is an amalgamation of characters in my life. She is one part grade school friend who taught me all about drugs, driving to drivers training and how to smoke in a movie theater and not get caught. She had (and probably still has) no barometer for authority nor recognizes inappropriate behaviors. Georgie Mae is also one family member who just doesn’t understand corporate structure nor cares to. They live outside the nine to five lifestyle and it works for them. And lastly, Georgie Mae has a characteristic I wish I possessed which is having little to no fear in life. What life brings, she takes. What life doesn’t bring she hunts down and holds it under water until that which has escaped her, cries for mercy.

It has been a true joy to create Georgie Mae and I hope to see more of her.

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