Character Posts – What a Concept!


My name is Marty Pitchford. You might say I’m one of the ‘stars’ in the book – The Method Writers. That’s where I live anyway. My creators (or specifically creatOR) decided keying a blog with their (his) character’s voice would be a novel idea. So here I am. Not much to say today as I am acutely aware I may give away book secrets by talking too much about what goes on in the novel.

My position on this is simple, – they’re going to read it anyway, so what’s the big fuss? Just because I tell potential readers about how I got caught up in the sex-scene because my wife is promiscuous. My wife, Jessice (if you look at the blog coming after this blog. you’ll see her pic), gets out of control in this book. Why my creator put me through this hell, I may never know.

I have a nice job and a beautiful 5 year old daughter, Annabelle. Anna does not deserve the games her mother plays and I look out for my daughter as much as possible.

I have a close circle of friends. My friends happen to all be writers – like me. Well, not exactly like me, but they are all three writers in their own right. We support each other no matter what. Sometimes, the no-matter-whats are a bit dicey, but we stick together anyway. My friends lift me up and I try to do the same for them. Stop on by and purchase a book when it comes out. That way I’ll get to meet you and you me. It’ll be a blast, I promise!

Marty Pitchford

About Michael Ray King

A five-time Royal Palm Literary Award-winning author of nine books, I also am a contributing author to four Rogues Gallery Writers books including - "Writing is Easy, More Writing is Easy, Fictitious Fiction," and the recently released, "The Method Writers." I'm the owner of MRK Publishing, a small press book publisher. I also teach seminars and webinars on how to write books and how to blog as well as consulting one-on-one with aspiring writers. View all posts by Michael Ray King

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